For a Waterfull future

The right amount of water when and where needed


BANDE is a set of solutions to automatic and autonomously manage water in buildings, houses, offices, hospitality or industries where water is a major input.

BANDE is a modular solution made of several integrated scalable modules, each one adapted to specific tasks.

Water Router

Controls water demand


Water Dashboard

Controls water needs


Storage Tanks

Controls water availability


BANDE Timeshifts Water Use

So water is always available, even if topped.

Latest News

Water Scarcity Solutions

(Image represents water scarcity in 2020) There are several available solutions able to effectively address water scarcity, including water reuse, storage, management, conservation, and numerous water treatment technologies such as...

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Because the water is important to all of us

In the last 35 years SST team’s founder has been creating and selling technology to promote the efficient use of energy in buildings, making buildings smarter & more efficient. Now it’s time to complement the activity managing indoors water...

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Carlos Rosário e Jaime Sotto-Mayor invest in BANDE

With over 35 years of accumulated experience in IT and energy, among others sectors, IsGreen founders, Carlos Rosário e Jaime Sotto-Mayor, invest in BANDE, a new venture dedicated to the autonomous smart management of water distribution and consumption in...

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