With over 35 years of accumulated experience in IT and energy, among others sectors, IsGreen founders, Carlos Rosário e Jaime Sotto-Mayor, invest in BANDE, a new venture dedicated to the autonomous smart management of water distribution and consumption in buildings.

BANDE was branded by Ilídio Baltazar, head of TRUE communication agency, after the name of Iberian god protector of rivers and water sources, thus emphasizing the need to protect water resources availability in a sustainable way.

BANDE is a scalable ecosystem of technological solutions dedicated to the efficient use of water in buildings including balanced distribution and timeshifting of demand, according to needs, and extending time availability, a critical need for buildings located in prone hydric stressed countries.

BANDE set of integrated solutions efficiently manage water supply, stocking and distribution according to specific ‘savings plans’, a set of rules enforced according to needs priorities in space and time and in quality, managing supply of mains water as well as rain and grey waters if available.