BANDE is a set of solutions to automatic and autonomously manage water in buildings, houses, offices, hospitality or industries where water is a major input. BANDE is a modular solution made of several integrated scalable modules, each one adapted to specific tasks:

Water Router

The base module monitors water consumption, detects leaks and adapts building’s consumption to the mains availability. It includes a concentrator – water-router – to collect and process data gathered from the several primary and secondary systems within the facility.

The concentrator – water-router – exchanges the proper information between the primary system and the secondary systems and interfaces these with SST Support Centre in the web.

SST Support Centre collects information on potential cuts and anomalies on local mains water supply enabling each BANDE solution, in a residence, hotel or office, to top-up water storage in due time and enforce one of the available BANDE water saving plans.

Water Dashboard

Primary Meter and Control System

The primary meter and control system continuously monitors water usage in the building and identifies consumption time profiles.

The data sent to the water router, after processing and analysis, predicts consumption and computes actual deviations.

This module can automatically close water supply whenever a distribution problem is reported or there’s no occupancy in the building.

And enforces contingency plans according to the data provided by SST Support Centre, through internet or internet of things networks, depending on existing data and communications network.

Secondary System

The secondary system includes all the features of the Primary System plus water flow control in the distribution systems.

It implements different water distribution programs depending on use priority (e.g., higher for hygiene and food preparation and lower for gardening) either time balancing the water flow among different uses or, if necessary, enforcing partial shortages.

Cleanwater Storage System

When BANDE solution includes a cleanwater water tank it can adopt automatic saving plans. When water rationing or shortage conditions are expected, it actively regulates the water distribution flow and even enforces partial shortages, thus, timeshifting demand and extending in time its availability.

Greywater Storage System

Instaling a greywater storage tank is important to enforce automatic saving plans whenecer supply anomalies or water shortage happen. In these circumstances basin and bath water is stored, after soap and fat filtering, in a dedicated tank in order to be used in toilet cisterns, floor washing and even gardening.

BANDE - WR (water router)

The water router is the gateway that “bridges” all BANDE systems communications with SST Support Centre either through Internet or IoT.

BANDE - PS (Primary System)

The primary system manages the mains water supply point:

  • Meters water flow in the facility and identifies water consumption profiles.
  • Whenever a leak is detect the system automatic and autonomously shuts down supply.
  • Features on demand local or remote shut down, as for example when programmed works or maintenance are due.
  • An add-in featuring presence detection enables the solution to “know” when a place is not in use and, if enabled, to automaticly close the supply valve.
  • Features alert and warning functionalities and sends text to a smartphone.
  • Features over-the-air remote configuration.
BANDE - SS (Secondary System)

The secondary system is normally installed in facilities where sub-metering is important, as in hotels, by floor or service – kitchen, laundry or guest rooms among others.

  • It meters the water flow and consumption.
  • Manages local supply water flow according to the actual saving plan, thus extending availability in time.
  • Whenever a leak is detect the system automatic and autonomously shuts down supply.
  • Features on demand local or remote shut down, as for example when programmed works or maintenance are due.
  • A complementary local occupancy system is available to enable preventive shut-down and avoid leak damage.
  • Senses temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Senses local light levels alerting when a door or window is opened or stays open beyond expectation.
  • Features alert and warning functionalities and sends text to a smartphone.
  • Accepts over-the-air remote configuration.
BANDE - CWSS (Cleanwater Storage System)

The cleanwater storage system ensures transient water availability when mains supply shortages or anomalies happen.

  • Its control system manages indoors water distribution by adapting variable output flow, always adapting to the enforced automatic savings plan.
  • Its capacity can be expanded by mounting in series common water tanks expanding the system storage and timeshifting capacity and extending water availability along time.
  • In normal working conditions the amount of stored water is low enabling its frequent renovation and thus guaranteeing the water stays edible.
BANDE - GWSS (Greywater Storage System)

The greywater storage system is dedicated to manage stored filtered greywater.

  • This system manages the collection, filtering and storage of washing and bathing drain water as well as other low polluted or contaminated waters. And distributes it for low quality water needs as toilet cisterns top-up.
  • The filtering system guarantees the reused waters don’t damage the respective hydraulic systems and piping. When attached to a secondary treatment system these waters com be used for floor cleaning and gardening.
  • Variable flow pumps control indoors greywater distribution and enforce saving plans whenever necessary.
  • Further common water tanks can be mounted in series with GST extending the system storage capacity and water availability in time.
BANDE – CT (Configuration and Training)

Each BANDE installation includes an in situ proper configuration adapted to local needs and conditions.

If necessary the existing configuration can be remotely fine-tuned.

Each configurations evolves in time and adapts to local prevalent conditions based on inputs from the “machine learning” feature.

BANDE – S30 (30 day Support)

BANDE 30 day support after installation is a valuable optional service aimed to profile actual and expected consumption and identify anomalous usages that may harm the system normal operation.

  • BANDE by default continuously monitors water use enabling the enforcement of saving plans or track changes in user behaviour.
  • BANDE operation is not restrict to anomalous supply conditions. BANDE main purpose is to properly manage water as a scarce resource, actively balancing indoors supply and demand.
BANDE – TSC (Technical Support Contract)
  • BANDE Technical Support Contract is a results and maintenance oriented support service providing actionable information needed to fine tune primary and secondary consumption, contingency plans and clean or greywater storage.
  • TSC handles periodic reporting, analysis and forecasts, usually on a weekly or monthly frequency depending on water consumption level and cost.
BANDE – Outsourcing
  • BANDE Outsourcing is Turnkey Service provided by SST and its financing partners on an individual basis.
  • This service is fully financed by SST in exchange for a monthly fee.